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The Roof of Africa ~ Mt. Kilimanjaro

October 8, 2018

IMG_4726It’s impossible to spend time in East Africa and not be changed, even ever so slightly, for the better.

Mt. Kilimanjaro stands at 19,341 ft, the roof of Africa, cascading her shadow over the relatively flat fields, cities and villages of Tanzania.  This land has everything – the loveliest people, scenery to steal your heart, and volcanoes to make your boots sing.

The Climb to Fight Cancer celebrated fifteen years on Mt. Kilimanjaro with this season’s climb there. Kilimanjaro was the first international and first big fundraising peak climbed by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center volunteers. Since then, survivors, 7-summiters, families and philanthropic adventurists have ascended her flanks, raising life-saving dollars for cancer research.

As with most mountains, but especially this one, our daily ascent was planned one day at a time and as climbers, our focus was one hour, or one footstep, at a time.  Those afflicted with cancer have described their treatment the same way, moving one day to the next, hoping for the best, nervous about what their next steps may bring.  We had many friends and family members on our minds and hearts as we slowly ascended this peak for them.

IMG_3645The photos of this magnificent corner of the world tell the story better than any words ever could. If I had a paintbrush I would not be able to create the wild inviting colors stretched across the skies every morning and night.  Even in the high elevations we awoke to birds and our porters singing in Swahili. Kilimanjaro takes seven days to climb and a lifetime to process.

Your donations, prayer flags and well wishes propelled us and fueled us. The Climb to Fight Cancer crested $9 million dollars in lifetime fundraising this year. Those dollars are funding lives saved, cures and hope.  Thank you for taking these footsteps with us.


September 21, 2018 – SUMMIT of KILIMANJARO


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