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Disappointment Cleaver Delivers – Mt. Rainier

September 4, 2018

IMG_0901Mt. Rainier is a special mountain no matter when you are on it, who you are with, or who is guiding you. No other peak in Washington state has strangers marvel to one another, “the mountain is out” when she shines any time of year. Lifelong Washingtonians and new residents alike never tire of her gaze.

This summer, three separate Climb to Fight Cancer teams, benefitting Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center,  ascended Mt. Rainier in July and August with their hopes pinned on pioneering, innovative cancer research and a chance to touch the most coveted summit in the lower 48 states.

Climber Bill Brower, who climbed for pancreatic cancer research, writes ~ “As you can imagine the mountaineering community has no shortage of extraordinary people in it. My summit team consisted of an astrophysicist, orthopedic surgeon, recovered alcoholic who had destroyed his life dozens of times over, professional tri-athlete and professional marathon runner…the list goes on. We were brought to the same level, humbled by the scale of the mountain and the extraordinary challenge it throws at you. For me this challenge was focused on raising money and awareness for cancer and inspiring strength for those battling. This mountain has captivated me from moment I saw it and I am lucky enough to have it in my backyard. Back at home so quickly, you realize that the simplest things in your day are such a privilege…being warm, a soft place to sleep, running water and warm food. When you’re out there you tend to think about those things frequently but when you’re back you miss the visceral experience of not having them. The sounds of ice cracking and falling at night, echoing around you, the feel of cold fresh air, the feeling of squeezing on cold boots with raw feet and the intense focus on rest-stepping your way up higher and higher. This is certainly not for everyone and not for the faint of heart but for those who are hungry for something challenging this may be it…it’s magic.”

If you would like to test your hiking feet on Mt. Rainier next summer, while raising money science at Fred Hutch (donations stay at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), we would love to have you on our team. Dates include July 19-21, August 8-10 and August 14-16, 2019.

This year’s teams consisted of half men and half women and ages ranging from 15 years old to much older…

Thank you to all who participated for the awe-inspiring, remarkable season in the mountains.

Next up: Mt. Kilimanjaro September 13-27, 2018 and the Volcanoes of Mexico December 1-10, 2018

Climb a Mountain. Save a Life.





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