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Mt. Baker Summits

August 23, 2017


Mt. Baker is the eye-catching snow-crowned volcano on Northern Washington state’s landscape. The flat football field-like summit resembles something out of a Hollywood movie set. At 10,781 ft, the summit offers views of the San Juan islands, the Picket Mountain range, the North Cascades and into Canada.

Last month two teams of Climb to Fight Cancer adventurers climbed to Mt. Baker’s summit via two separate routes in one day. One team ascended the pristine Easton Glacier route and another ascended the lesser traveled Squak Glacier route. The teams included individuals from varied backgrounds and one full team was from AT&T, captained by Climb to Fight Cancer long time committee member David Kendall. Tiffany Locker, a trained dancer turned mountaineer summited a Climb to Fight Cancer peak for the fourth time! Two Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center employees and another long time committee member rounded out this group of extraordinary individuals.

Climbing Mt. Baker is a full wilderness experience. Climbers carry their food, clothing, tents and share the weight of the group gear. Backpacks can weight 50 pounds. Expertly guided by Alpine Ascents International, guides teach Leave No Trace mountain ethics and point out landmarks and natural features along the route. Most guides welcome any chance to climb in the North Cascades and are as excited as Climb to Fight climbers to traverse this unique mountain.

Summit day dawned with beautiful weather, clear skies and safe passage up the heavily glaciated peak to the summit register on top! Months of training, fundraising and planning came together as both the Easton and Squak route teams summited.


Adventurer Tiffany Locker taking in one of many Mt. Baker views.

Climbing Mt. Baker is exhilarating and a must-do for anyone wanting to climb their first mountain or sharpen their snow travel skills. It has glaciated peaks, limitless views, a full range of weather and truly beautiful camp sites. Whether it is your first mountain, or one of many, it’s a great place to spend a weekend.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Fred Hutch’s Climb to Fight Cancer – that’s two decades of climbing and fundraising that has been integral in allowing scientists to develop new methods to prevent, diagnose and successfully treat cancer. In those 20 years, the Climb to Fight Cancer has raised and incredible $8+ million to support the innovative research happening at Fred Hutch. Each year brings us closer to the ultimate peak: curing cancer, and we could not do this work without the unparalleled enthusiasm and commitment of each of our climbers.  Please consider joining us in 2018. Registration is open today at ~ Climb a Mountain. Save a Life.


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