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Be a CURE climber ~ Mt. Shasta Summits

July 3, 2016



CURE climber Lynn Lippert congratulates her niece, Tiffany Locker, on a climb well done.

Said one Mt. Shasta climber who has summited three peaks with the Climb to Fight Cancer: “I’ve been on other trips, but the best people I’ve ever met are on Fred Hutch climbs.”

So true. There’s a natural bond between Fred Hutch team members. We instantly show up wanting each other to have the best possible journey. We want to help, support, laugh, and kick steps in sync. We look out for each other.

Every Fred Hutch climber has a story. Some choose to tell their stories and others store them on their hearts.

Karen climbs for her cousin, her friend, her mom and so many others she’s been touched by in her career as a nurse. She gives back daily, and yet signs up annually to climb a mountain and raise money for Fred Hutch during her vacation time.

Mark carries a photo of his Dad in his chest pocket, close to his heart, on every climb.


Mark Philpott carries his Dad with him to the summit of Mt. Shasta.

His Dad sat on his heart literally as he ascended the 4,000 foot West Face of Mt. Shasta. When he pulled out the photo on the summit, I could feel my eyes well up.

Tiffany considers herself an accidental mountaineer. She met her “Aunt Lynn” just a few short years ago for the first time, and hadn’t considered mountaineering before that time. Aunt Lynn is legendary Climb to Fight Cancer participant Lynn Lippert. Lynn’s passion for the Climb to Fight Cancer is contagious and it is no wonder Tiffany found herself on the side of a mountain after their lives intertwined. Her first climb was roped to Lynn on Mt. Hood, this year she climbed in Lynn’s place.

I’ve written about Lynn many times over the last decade. She is a three-time breast cancer survivor. I’m always reluctant to describe Lynn in that way, because I think her breast cancer is the least interesting thing about her. She’s an avid adventurer, world traveler, accomplished physical therapist, animal lover and book author.

When Lynn found herself unable to climb this year due to her cancer returning, she signed up as a CURE climber and enlisted Tiffany to climb in her place. There is no registration fee or fundraising minimum to be a CURE climber. You can sign up as a CURE climber and define your own adventure, pick your own activity or do nothing at all, which is what we sometimes refer to as a “couch fundraising event.” Naturally, given her energizer bunny status, a couch fundraiser was not an option for Lynn, so she enlisted Tiffany to climb 14,179 ft. Mt. Shasta.  Lynn fundraised and Tiffany climbed.

Lynn was a part of our Mt. Shasta team in every way. She was at gear check and at the trailhead when we started. She was welcoming us back when we finished. We all wanted to do our best on the mountain knowing that Lynn would be there when we returned. Anyone can be a CURE climber, it’s a wonderful way to be involved with Fred Hutch and the Climb to Fight Cancer if life prohibits you from strapping on crampons.

Mt. Shasta is a magical mountain and the natural waters are thought to have healing powers. People travel from all over the world to visit this special, healing place. Our whole team was welcomed by beautiful sunshine and the experts at Shasta Mountain Guides.

Thank you for supporting our footsteps.


Mt. Shasta summit ~ 14,179 ft.

For more information about becoming a CURE climber, please email us today.



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