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Getting Away From It All

April 28, 2014
Mt. Rainier. Photo by Steve Waltar.

Mt. Rainier. Photo by Steve Waltar.

It’s always nice to get away from things, in the wonderland of vacation, not working, being outside, and just enjoying life. I was sick for a few days with a high fever (for an adult that’s 101.5), coughing and feeling achy, really REALLY tired and in a nutshell—didn’t feel great. It occurred to me while experiencing this event, that folks who undergo chemotherapy feel that way…..a lot. I can’t imagine what that would be like, and didn’t WANT to imagine what that would be like as only enduring it for 3 days was enough for me.

But those on chemo don’t have a choice. The chemo makes them feel sick, they don’t want to eat, have to push themselves to hydrate, sleep and sleep a lot. Then their white blood cell count drops, perhaps in combination with the red cell count. So…one gets a shot to boost production of those cells (in order to fight anemia and possible infections that may come their way) and that makes you MORE achy…as your bone marrow is pumping out new red and white cells. All that excessive work in the bone marrow makes for a tired and complaining body. Every 3 weeks or however often one gets the repeated episodes of chemo. I was tired for 3 days, try 3 (or 6) months of that.

It seems many of us know, or know of, someone with cancer these days. Perhaps that is a function of our age, a better ability to diagnosis cancer, or odd stupid luck.

So, get away from it all. Join the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer and get away to the mountains. Raise money to help fund breast cancer research to give those fighting cancer a chance to ‘get away from it all’. You know you want to help those who are fighting the Big C; this is one way to do it.

Climb a Mountain, Save a Life.

Guest blogger Karen Kilian is an avid outdoors enthusiast, nurse, philanthropist and the daughter of a long-time cancer warrior. 

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