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The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us

December 12, 2013

Fundraising, as defined by Miriam-Webster as: “the organized activity of raising funds” can be a daunting task.  It’s difficult to ask for money, especially when you know people have had a tough few years.  However, when you are passionate about your cause it seems folks open up their wallets.

Climbing a mountain for the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer requires participants to raise a certain amount of money depending on what mountain you aspire to climb.  While the actual climbing sounds difficult, some folks are more nervous about raising the money.  But….”the ceiling can’t hold us”.

When you sign up for the CLIMB, you decide how much money you want to raise.  Don’t let the ceiling hold you…put down one or two more thousand dollars than the minimum amount.  You can do it, start early, don’t wait to start fundraising;  “tonight is the night, we’ll fight ‘til it’s over”….

Thank each donor individually for their donation, keep your donors (and would be donors) notified of how well you are doing with training, what the next step will be, get THEM excited about your climb!  It’s infectious, they will tell their friends about your climb, and the climber on your webpage starts ascending the mountain.

“Let the night come, before the fight’s won

Some might run against the test

But those that triumph embrace the fight cause

Their fears then prove that courage exists.”


Thanks Macklemore for “this is the moment”……the ceiling can’t hold us”…..indeed….

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