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A Perfect Baker’s Dozen Sunset Summit

August 9, 2013

The Easton Glacier team on the summit of Mt. Baker.

The Climb to Fight Breast Cancer arrived on Mt. Baker (10,781 ft), by two separate routes, to put two teams on the summit several hours apart.

These teams made up a perfect Baker’s dozen.

Team Lydig (Ryan, Chris, Travis and Sahara) ascended via the Easton Glacier route.  They enjoyed as near perfect conditions as climbers can get. They steadfastly supported one another as they hiked up the classic railroad grade before arriving at their camp.  They practiced snow skills, then attained a “sunset summit” the next day.

A sunset summit is highly enviable in mountaineering. It’s when the group is able, because of optimal weather conditions and team strength, to summit in the early evening hours, as opposed to the traditional middle-of-the-night alpine start, followed by a sunrise summit.

Meanwhile, Team Tuttle (Ryan, Judson, Rob, Frank, Thomas, Mary, Tommy and Sean) climbed the Squak Glacier route.

The eight participants on this team were composed of six first time climbers and fundraisers. They all met their fundraising goals and summited. This team had a great campsite about 500 feet above, but more than 1 mile away, from Team Lydig. They set out at noon the next day and reached the top in six hours. After descending they had a dinner celebration by head lamp. This crazy bunch was resilient – duct taping blisters, pushing through shin bang and facing fatigue all the while keeping a sense of humor. There was a lot of joy and pride when Tommy signed the summit register on the team’s behalf.

Special fist-pumping-mountain-climbing-and-cancer-fighting kudos to Ryan Tuttle, for coordinating his team of friends and facilitating the fundraising of more than $30,000.

The weather could not have been better for the whole trip and the groups could not have been prouder of the money they raised and the mountain they climbed together.  Congratulations to Team Lydig, Team Tuttle and all the mountaineers.  Thank you for raising more than $42,000 for breast cancer research.

The Squak Glacier team on the summit.

The Squak Glacier team on the summit.

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