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Shasta Summit

July 17, 2013
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Dawn on Mt. Shasta, June 30. Photo by Keith Heaton.

On June 28-30, the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer Mt. Shasta team ascended this beautiful mountain. The sun was shining on Northern California, and for the 2nd year running, the summit was open for the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer volunteer mountaineers.

Mt. Shasta is the newest mountain added to the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer line-up of peaks.  The Climb strives to add exciting peaks to attract new climbers and continue to provide adventures for current participants looking to broaden their mountaineering abilities. Climbers raise private support for scientists who have the freedom to conduct creative research that leads to lifesaving discoveries.

Dr. Keith Heaton ascends Mt. Shasta.

Dr. Keith Heaton ascends Mt. Shasta.

Due to the deteriorating conditions on the standard Avalanche Gulch route, the Climb team ascended the West Face, with Shasta Mountain Guides. The ascent began at the Bunny Flats trailhead (6,950 ft). They hiked an easy 1,000 feet to historic Horse Camp for a short break before continuing on. They hiked for 4-5 hours to their campsite in Hidden Valley (9,250 ft) just below the snow line.

On summit day, the team left at camp at 3 AM and summited at noon.

On their descent, they were rewarded with a 3,000 foot vertical glissade!  It only took 1.5 hours to return to camp from the summit. The team spent a restful night at Hidden Valley before departing the next morning.

A perfect climb!  Thank you to donors, climbers and friends who make funding life-saving research possible.

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