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Fred Hutch Top 5 Fundraising Teams

June 18, 2013

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is proud of all of our mountain climbing teams! We’d love to highlight this year’s top 5 fundraising teams who are setting out to climb some of the most difficult mountains in the world. Here are their inspirational stories…

Team Denali

Team Denali

In November 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 35 yrs old and it was two weeks after my first date with my future husband, Chris Milonas. 2006 was a year full of emotions. It was the year of chemotherapy, hair loss, radiation, anemia, and many other not-so-pleasant side effects. Chris stood by my side giving positive support and love the entire time. Today I continue with adjunctive treatment and in September 2011 will have completed everything.  After initial treatment, I slowly rebounded physically, though mentally both Chris and I were forever changed.

Chris and I married in 2007. Over the past several years we have lived life to the fullest, traveling to the mountains of Chile, Nepal and Argentina. We are blessed and thankful for every day I am cancer-free. As a direct recipient, we are also thankful for the generosity of people who have helped turn Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center into one of the best in the world.

It is our goal in 2013 to continue to support The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as we climb Denali (Mt McKinley) for the second attempt at summiting over the course of three weeks from May 30-June 19, 2013.Located in the Alaska Range, Denali is the highest mountain in North America at 20,320 feet and one of the coldest in the world. Carrying packs weighing 60lbs and pulling sleds of 40lbs each, it is an enormous feat of strength and endurance, but nothing compared to living, going through, or watching someone you love have cancer.

Click here to read more on Team Denali’s group page, and to donate.


Team ‘The Baker 10’

The Baker 10

The Baker 10 is a group of 10 individuals who have joined together to climb an iconic NW peak. Our goal is to raise as much money as we can for the breakthroughs in cancer research happening at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center each and every day. We are professionals, nerds, hikers, bikers, family men and women, youngsters, not so youngsters, hipsters, and much more. While we all come from different backgrounds and have our own personal motivations to take on this challenge, we share one goal and that is to kick Cancer’s ass! The 9 climbers who have made this ridiculously radical commitment to join me on this climb are heroes in my book! Thank you to all of the friends and family, co-workers and strangers, who have generously given to their efforts! We’re all in this together and together we can save lives!

Click here to read more on The Baker 10’s group page, and to donate.


Team Celebrating Recovery

Celebrating RecoveryIn the summer of 2012, after almost ten years of living with the knowledge that she was BRCA 2 positive, MB, was diagnosed with DCIS, a non-invasive form of breast cancer.  Fortunately, her cancer was caught very early and her prognosis is excellent.  The reason for such good news?  Advanced in early detection of breast cancer are due to research at facilities such as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Together, we are committed to raising $12,500 for the Hutch.  This will bring the total raised from all of MB’s climbs to close to $80,000.  MB’s breast cancer was discovered through an MRI one month after a mammogram showed nothing.  MRI technology is the cutting edge of breast cancer research, and funding for this research has come directly from your support of these climbs.  You can see why she is so dedicated to this cause.

Click here to read more on Celebrating Recovery’s group page, and to donate.


Team Pink Fireballs

Pink Fireballs

We are a group of friends who met through our love of boating and are now united to fight breast cancer. Our goal – along with a cure: to summit Mt. Hood!

Click here to read more on Pink Fireball’s page, and to donate.


Team Dos Chi Chi’s

Team Dos Chi Chis

In March 1999, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Not even a year after she lost her husband and my father to cancer, she would have to take on the fight again, only this time it was to save herself.  She underwent a mastectomy and in the months following that, had 4 chemo treatments to be sure that all the cancer was eliminated.  After the fourth treatment, she was considered in remission. My mother is an inspiration to me, not only for what she went through with her own cancer, but also with the ailments of others in my family. Throughout it all, she stayed positive, kept a smile on her face, and would not let the cancer get her down.  That is why I’ve taken it upon myself to raise $5,000 in honor of her.

Click here to read more on Team Dos Chi Chi’s group page, and to donate.


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