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Hope. Dream. Climb.

February 10, 2013


Hope is a strong word.  Merriam-Webster defines hope as “to cherish a desire with anticipation” or “to desire with expectation of obtainment” and finally “to expect with confidence.”   Imagine you are someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996.  Stage two.  Not so bad.  Surgery-Chemo-radiation.  You HOPE you are cured.  Nine years later, nearly to the day, you discover you have relapsed.  You HOPE you can be cured again.  You HOPE you will make it to your daughter’s high school graduation.

The graduation date comes and goes, and she goes off to college full of anticipation of what her life has to offer.  You, on the other hand, are still battling what has now become “metastatic breast cancer.” That means you can’t HOPE for a cure anymore, you now HOPE for time.

“Dream” is defined as “a strongly desired goal or purpose.”   Now you DREAM you will be attending your daughter’s college graduation, but the cancer has spread once again—tiny specks, but present none the less.   You DREAM another new medication will be discovered; a new way of treating cancer.  Maybe one of those new “targeted gene therapy” protocols can include you in a clinical trial.  You DREAM for just feeling normal again.  And for not being a “cancer patient’ anymore.

“Climb” is defined as “to go upward with gradual or continuous progress” as in “to climb a mountain.”  Cancer patients CLIMB mountains every day.  They HOPE and DREAM, some against all odds, that they can have a cancer free life and just go back to just being a person, not a person with cancer.

To enable the HOPES and DREAMS of cancer patients, CLIMB a mountain with the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer. Raise money to fight a disease that takes away HOPES and DREAMS of people just wanting to live a normal life once again.  Fundraising sends money to research teams to guide innovative research and new “thinking outside of the box” leading to a cancer patient’s DREAMS and HOPES of more time becoming reality.

If a cancer patient can DREAM of fighting cancer, you can CLIMB a mountain.  Now, that’s not too much to HOPE for, is it?

Prayer Flag carried to the summit. Photo by Karen Kilian.

Prayer Flag carried to the summit. Photo by Karen Kilian.

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