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A New Year. A New Beginning. A New Adventure

January 2, 2013

Climber Kristen Burrows ascends Denali, June 2012.

If you have been watching the TV show “Parenthood”, you have been seeing the toll breast cancer takes on the patient and the family.  First, there is the diagnosis and disbelief.  Then there is the reality check of putting what amounts to be poison into your body to combat the evil cancer.  Then you get the side effects which totally ruins your day, your husband/partner’s day, and your children’s day.  It actually tends to ruin more than a day, it’s more like 6 months.  Your hair falls out, your brain fogs over, you can’t go to the kid’s baseball games, and a fever sends you to the Emergency Department to make sure you don’t have bacteria in your bloodstream.

While Parenthood is simply a television show, it is very realistic on the portrayal of how cancer impacts so many people.  Your life is put on hold, but life itself doesn’t go on hold. You can’t seem to keep up with life.  It truly is a nightmare for six long months (the standard chemo regimen).  The nightmare seems to take forever and all you want to hear is that you have No Evidence of Disease (NED).  That statement takes a while to be spoken.

So while you’re watching the show (and if you aren’t, start watching it), think about what you can do to make a difference in the lives of many, many people.  Sign up to climb one of the mountains with the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer. Fundraising isn’t nearly as hard as going through chemotherapy or radiation.  The money you raise may help someone you don’t know, or someone you do know.  It will help someone.   And you will have the adventure of a lifetime while giving someone back…a lifetime.

Climb a Mountain. Save a Life.

Author Karen Kilian is a downhill skier, nurse practitioner, philanthropist and multi-year Climb to Fight Breast Cancer participant. She summited Mt. Rainier in July 2012.

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