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My Favorite Mountain

August 3, 2011

Beautiful Mt. Baker. Photo by Colin Stapp.

The first question I am often asked when people find out I love mountain climbing is, “so what is your favorite mountain?”  I always pause before I respond (because I know it probably sounds cliche) and then answer, “whichever one I am climbing.” It is true though.  I don’t have a favorite. Okay, maybe deep down inside there is a favorite. I truly love the mountains and all they have to offer.

I am privileged to participate in another Climb to Fight Breast Cancer , this time on Mt. Baker.  So at the moment, it is my favorite mountain.  In some ways it is also my arch-nemesis since I have climbed it twice and have yet to summit.  Climbing isn’t really about the summit, but rather the journey along the way.  However, this time, celebrating with my fellow teammates on the top would be nice.

Cheers to Mt. Baker.  My favorite mountain at the moment.  May the mountain God smile favorably on our trip and our group be rewarded with beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  It is doesn’t get any better than that.

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