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Reach. Explore. Expand. Climb.

June 7, 2011

Reach. Explore. Expand.  That is going to be my motto for this summer.

Thank you NaLa Seattle for the festive pink "buffs"

It’s one of the powerful tag lines from the generous athletic wear company sponsoring the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer this year.

NaLa Seattle is named, created and owned by outdoor enthusiasts Laurie Barokas and Nancy Cirillo.  Both women are on our August Mount Rainier team and raising money for life-saving research.

Reach.  I’m going to try to do something that scares me each day.  I’m going to tell a new friend about the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer and suggest they join me.  I’m going to push-press 70 pounds instead of 65 at Northwest Crossfit.  I’m going to read a book the intimidates me.  I’m going to imagine myself attaining a physical goal I’ve never reached before.

Lifelong friendships forged on the Climb

Explore.  I’m going to take a walk in a new neighborhood and admire everyone else’s gardens.  I’m going to pack up my car and take a weekend adventure to a new local town.  I’m going to sign up for a 5k road race (if you’d like to join me, consider the Shore Run, benefitting Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center).  I’m going to think up an exotic trip and put it on my life’s bucket list.

Expand.  I’m going expand my love for coffee and make an effort to savor tea.  I’m going to stretch my patience beyond where my internal shut-off valve typically snaps closed.  I’m going to picture myself at the top of the mountain that takes my breath away.  I’m going to challenge my pallet by dining at a new restaurant.  I’m going to step out of my cozy comfort zone one time each day.

Exploring Mt. Shasta, California, 10,400 feet

Climb.  I’m going to carry a prayer flag honoring my friends and family who have suffered with cancer.  I’ll celebrate those who are healed, pray for those still fighting and remember friends lost.  There are always emotional moments when kicking steps up a mountain, but they are tempered by the joy of a like-minded team. Climbing this summer is going to force me to reach, encourage me to explore and challenge me to expand – physically and mentally.

Editor’s Note:  You can still register for a Climb to Fight Breast Cancer team this summer.  There is still space available on Mts. Baker, Adams, Rainier and the Volcanoes of Mexico.

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