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New Years Resolution – Climb a Mountain, Save a Life

January 10, 2011

I joke every year when I show up at exercise class after January 1, “Well, the New Years resolution crowd is here with me.”  We have inevitably all disappeared by the first of February.  As I was enjoying the running joke this year, I

Day 1 of the Mt. Rainier experience! Incredible!

thought, “What if all of us aimed at an actual achievement, as opposed to the goal of just going to the gym?” Wouldn’t that make the likelihood of sticking with it a little higher?

I started talking to my friends about participating with me in this summer’s Climb to Fight Breast Cancer, benefitting Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  If we all have the goal together, we’ll make a strong and committed team, we can hike together all Spring and motivate one another to stay at the gym past Groundhog Day!

Emily Morris and KOMO TV's Denise Whitaker on top of Mt. Adams

We’ll make new friends together and support survivors and individuals that sign up for a peak on their own.

The best part about a Climb to Fight Breast Cancer experience is that with every step we take in the mountains, lives are saved, research is continued, and cutting edge projects

are moving forward.  Our footsteps fund Center scientists as they apply their expertise in Immunotherapy to benefit breast cancer patients through T-cell therapy, and as they continue development of the breast cancer vaccine.


Climb a mountain this summer – Save a Life.

Mt. Adams                                    July 29-31 or Aug 12-14

Mt. Baker                                      July 22-24

Denali                                            Custom Dates*

Mt. Elbrus                                     July 24-Aug 7*

Mt. Hood                                       June 11-12

Mt. Hood Survivor Summit      June 11-12

Mt. Kilimanjaro                          July 20-Aug 3, July 30-Aug 13, Aug 8-22 or Aug 27-Sept 10*

Mt. Olympus                                 July 13-17

Mt. Rainier                                   July 9-11, July 15-17, Aug 6-8 or Aug 20-22

Mt. Shasta                                    May 27-29

Volcanoes of Mexico                 October 14-23*

(* indicates custom dates available)

Please register online here or email

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Karen Kilian permalink
    January 11, 2011 12:47 am

    It is only through the strength of numbers that cancer can be conquered, just like climbing a mountain. Strength of friendships on the rope team, strength of the researchers who find new ways to treat cancer. It is only through that strength of researchers that my friend has lived with breast cancer for nearly 15 years; now almost like a chronic disease as opposed to a killer. It is only through the strength of researchers that my mother lived nearly 7 years with ovarian cancer. Help the researchers keep our friends and family alive with quality as well as quantity of life…..climb a mountain, save a life….what are you waiting for???

  2. David Kendall permalink
    January 13, 2011 2:51 am

    Can’t wait to get going again on the climb this year! Finally we can get over to Mt. Olympus! Perhaps I’ll add Adams again.

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