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Autumn Colors and One More Day…..

November 28, 2010

I know you have probably noticed the fall colors, but have you really NOTICED them….the vibrant reds, the glowing yellow, even an occasional orange.

Early morning Climb to Fight Breast Cancer participant ascends the Emmons Glacier on Mt. Rainier with the team.

The rite of passage from summer into winter happens every year without fail and time marches on.  Sometimes too fast.  Anyone facing a life-threatening condition knows how fast time truly does march on.  It seems there isn’t enough time to do what you wanted to do, what you want TO do, or simply just enjoy the day as it is.  You are consumed by one thought, and one thought only:  cancer.  Is the chemo working?  Is the cancer going away?  Will the cancer come back?  When will it come back?  How bad will it be when it comes back?  Will I ever get off chemo?  Consuming.  Way too consuming.  So consuming, you missed the fall colors.

Moms and cubs on the Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition safari.

What would you give for one more day?

One more day to be with your loved ones.  One more day to hear the laughter of a little child.  One more day to simply live, enjoy the day as it is.  One more day to see the birth of your grandchild.  One more day to hear the cancer is still in remission.  One more day to see those vibrant fall colors.

Research can give one more day to those wishing for one more day.

The 2010 team steadily climbing Mt. Shasta.

Research to develop new chemotherapy agents, research to determine a way to deliver the chemo so only the cancer is hit and not the rest of the body, research to learn how to detect the smallest of small cancer cells before they become destructive and invade seemingly everywhere.  But research takes money, something we all know is in short supply.  Sort of like the days that cancer patients have….short supply.  Climb a mountain with the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer and raise money for research so someone, maybe someone you know, will have one more day.

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