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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 8, 2010

October is known for the real start of the Autumn season, for Halloween, and for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  All events mark an important time in our lives and a time for reflection of either how lucky we are (no cancer) or how unlucky others are (with cancer).  Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on how lucky I am (no cancer), how unlucky my cousin was (died at age 33 from breast cancer), how unlucky my mother is (ovarian cancer), and interestingly, how lucky my Aunt is (past history of breast cancer, no recurrence).

The journey to the Volcanoes of Mexico

The Climb to Fight Breast Cancer is a way to help those who are unlucky in their life to maybe become hopeful they can be like my Aunt has been—unlucky with the diagnosis but lucky in the fact she is cancer free umpteen years later.  The great majority of money raised at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (86 cents on the dollar) goes directly to life-saving cancer research.  This money funds research studies that aim to improve the luck of those diagnosed with cancer.

Some of the tallest peaks in North America

Luck is also important for the climbers as they fight their way to the summit of various mountains.  The Mexican Volcanoes climb starts in a week, with a trip to the summit of two mountains high in the sky at 17, 700 and 18,500 feet.  The fight one endures climbing involves stamina, fortitude, luck of not getting sick (getting over a cold at altitude just doesn’t work), and putting one foot in front of another.  Steady onward steps to the goal of the summit.  If luck has it, the fists will be pumping with joy to the heavens on a successful summit….not unlike a person with cancer who gets to hear:  You have no evidence of disease.  Now, that is luck.


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